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Bureaucracy Help
in Spain

Invaluable assistance for expats living in the Costa del Sol or moving to Spain.

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In your home country, it was a simple matter to sort out everyday problems – either by a quick phone call or a visit in person. But add in a language barrier and a whole lot of red tape, and suddenly even the simplest tasks can feel a lot more complicated. Sometimes even speaking Spanish fluently doesn’t make fighting through the bureaucracy any simpler.

Breaking Spain is aimed at the Ex pat community on the Costa del Sol, offering tailor made solutions to cut through the Spanish bureaucracy for you! Katie Rawlins, the company founder, has over 10 years experience living and working in Spain, so if you have a Spanish red tape issue that isn’t listed here – just ask!

What Can I Do For You?


Huge Help

Katie has been a huge help to us when dealing with car transfers etc in Spain. She’s the first person we think to ask if we need help with anything. Which reminds me Katie we need to set up a DDM for our car tax. Must sort when we are next down.

Anna-Marie Benning

Very Professional

Very professional & reliable! Highly recommend.

Hannah brett

Very professional & reliable! Highly recommend.

Natalie Guyan

Highly Recommended

Was a massive help to me when I moved apartments to talk to Telefonica for me to get my internet up and running. Highly recommended for any Brits in the Costa del Sol for any help they need with the language barrier. Thanks again!!!

Chris Toft

I look forward to helping you soon


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